Jul 1 2012 Washington VacationCategory: General     02:23PM   0

I just got back from Port Townsend, a small seaside village on Washington's Olympic Peninsula. It was a wonderful trip and I spent the afternoon exploring Fort Worden, an old army base built in the late 1800's. I took some great photographs and saw a lot of wild deer. I would have liked to do a sexy photo-shoot there but alas there were families with children and it might have been considered inappropriate..? Next time I'll go with a photographer, early in the morning perhaps.

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Jun 7 2012 G-Spot Found..!Category: General     08:30AM   0

But that doesn't mean we have to stop looking... laugh Here are the findings of one tenacious researcher:

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Jun 6 2012 Back In VancouverCategory: General     11:07PM   0

It's so nice to be back in Vancouver! I had a wonderful time in Toronto and Montreal. It was wonderful and very gratifying to visit all my old friends, plus meeting new people. I really miss Montreal, I think next summer I should stay there for a whole month..! As nice as it is to visit, the winters are far too brutal for my delicate visage. West coast all the way..! ;-) 

May 3 2012 Welcome!Category: General     10:09PM   0

Hello and welcome to my new site! I hope you have enjoyed what you've seen here so far. I will be updating on a regular basis with new photos and interesting tidbits so check in on a regular basis and take pleasure in the naughty adventures you will have with me! XoX ~ Taylor

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