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I had a great time in Arizona! The photo shoot was amazing and everything turned out really well. There was a minor hiccup at the beginning unfortunately because on the morning of the shoot it started raining. We were on location outside by the pool so it was very nerve wracking. However, we soldiered on and you would never guess to look at the pics now that it was actually wet and rainy outside. I can't help but bring Vancouver weather with me where ever I go..;-)

After the shoot was finished I met my girlfriend at a really nice restaurant called The Mission. It has new Latin cuisine and the best guacamole ever! Hand made at your table with all natural ingredients... YUM. After a nice long walk along the canal we decided to head back to the resort and go swimming. We started getting frisky in the pool but because there were children present we decided to take it back to the room.

Great idea except for one small detail. I hadn't brought any toys with me for fear that customs would think I was planning on working in the country and would ban me for life. This called for a trip to a toy store! We visited a couple places, bought some toys, tried on outfits and shoes. After we started getting naughty in the change room we realized it was time to quickly drive back to the resort and  try out our new purchases!

By this time it was dark and we took the lightbulb out of our balcony latern so we could have more fun outside. The warm breeze waving the palm trees and caressng our bare skin, the thought of getting caught by another guest was scary yet enticing! At one point my girlfriend was moaning really loudly and I heard someone walking in the parking lot. I brought my lips up to kiss her and keep her quiet so we wouldn't get caught. If only I had video footage of that!

I am excited to go back to Scottsdale again and I will make sure to stop in Vegas next time too! xoxo

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