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Upon entering my room we kicked off our shoes and made a hasty retreat to the bed. Noticing my collection of toys, condoms and lubricants on the night stand she said, "Looks like I have come to the right place, I want to try some of these!" "Not yet," I told her, "first we have to taste each other..." taking my cue she shoved me down onto the mattress and jumped on top of me. "Is this what you meant?" she teased, but I couldn't answer because the next thing you know I had the most deliciously sweet morsel in my mouth.. "mmm hmmm" was my attempt at a reply but she was too succulent to resist. Both of our moans were growing louder and more intense, when I looked up and noticed that the curtains to my floor to ceiling windows were completely open. "uh oh, maybe we should close the drapes..?" "No, let's leave them open, I think it is so hot if someone is watching us.." she said with that mischievous grin. "Hey, let's take some photos with my camera, can you pose with one of your toys?" "Sure thing" I replied, and grabbed one off the nightstand. I reclined and started inserting the toy slowly in and out.

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