I hope you have enjoyed this brief glimpse into my world. If you are interested in arranging a delicious rendezvous, here are a few considerations:

1. When contacting me please be polite. I do not respond to rude and offensive emails. I am very respectful of all my clients and I expect the same in return.

2. Feel free to tell me something about yourself or ask any questions if there is additional information you wish to know that has not been covered in this site. 

3. Please have the honorarium placed in an unsealed envelope in plain sight, upon arrival.

4. If you wish to extend our time, and my schedule permits and I agree, please take care of the additional fee immediately so that we may quickly resume enjoying each other's company.

5. For couples booking it is imperative that I hear from both parties so that I know it is mutually agreed upon, and therefore enjoyable for all parties involved.