Are those your real pictures?
Yes they most definitely are. I have photo-shoots at regular intervals so you know exactly what to expect.

Can I make any requests as to your outfit or lingerie?
Yes of course! I encourage collaboration. The more details I know about our rendezvous, the easier I can prepare and dress accordingly. I love sexy outfits and lingerie as well as fashionable professional attire. 

What are your measurements?
5'6, 34B-24-33. 115 lb, Size 4, shoe size 8

Are your fees negotiable?
My fees are non-negotiable

Do you do duos?
But of course! I love the extra thrill a ménages à trios provides. Ask me about my duo partners or feel free to make a suggestion as to your favourite lady you wish to join us.

What is your phone number?
Initially all of our contact will be done through email. Once the appointment has been booked and confirmed we can exchange phone numbers at that time.

Do you offer ski packages?
Yes, living in Vancouver allows close proximity to world class skiing. Starting in Winter 2012 I will be available for ski vacations. I am quite a good skier and rather less skilled snowboarder. Stay tuned for more info about ski packages this fall!

Do you have a post-secondary education?
Yes, I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

What are your hobbies?
I am very excited about electronics, computers, music and art. I'm an avid foodie and excellent chef (if I don't say so myself). I love film, video and photography. For exercise, (beyond the obvious), I enjoy yoga and aerobics classes. Staying fit and healthy is a very rewarding aspect of my lifestyle.

Where is your dream travel destination?
There are too many to list! Besides anywhere in Europe, I would love to spend time in Southeast Asia with a wonderful companion. Visiting historical landmarks and temples, being pampered in spa's, eating wonderful cuisine. There is nothing quite like embarking on an adventure full of passion, romance and intrigue with an interesting gentleman.